January 2, 2021

The Ark Family Room Series
Annual Gang Show at Ann Arbor’s premiere music venue is going virtual on various platforms. Join us on Zoom Register here: More info

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Music of the Gang



YRG - Decade


1. Ten Times Around (Bizer)
2. Love’s Cage (Krist)
3. Arnold’s Praise (Hough)
4. Veggies and Fruit (Watroba)
5. We’re Still Here (Capps)
6. Fireflies (Barrett)
7. Winter of ’14 (Hough)
8. Make It Snow (Donohoe)
9. Barbecue (Tamulevich)
10. Chicken (Trad. John Hurt, Arr. Barrett)
11. I Still Love you (Bizer)
12. Pandora (Krist)
13. The Package of Cookies (Watroba)
14. Promises (Capps)
15. Love Gone Wrong (Donohoe)
16. I Guess This Day Is Done (Tamulevich)

Live at Big Sky

1. Gather The Family (Tamulevich/Hough)
2. Do What You Love (Donohoe)
3. The Grateful Life (Barrett)
4. Take Me To The Fair (Capps)
5. Sweet Dreams (Krist)
6. O.H.I.O (Bizer)
7. Virginia Park (Barrett)
8. Tim Johnstone’s Tale (Hough)
9. Last of The American Cowgirls (Donohoe)
10. Katrina (Watroba)
11. Hope (Krist)
12. Empty Boots (Capps)
13. Rubiat Blues (Hough)
14. Annie’s Bargain (Tamulevich)
15. How Will I Leave (Watroba)
16. Bye (Bizer)

Happy New Day

The long awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed first release is here! “Happy New Day”, the title track written by Jim Bizer, sets the tone for this seasonally themed record full of brand new songs from a formidable group of singer/songwriters.There’s a song for winter, spring, summer, fall, your favorite holidays, seasons of life, love, and baseball.

1. Happy New Day – Jim Bizer
2. Coming Of The Dawn – David Tamulevich
3. Winter Dark – Kitty Donohoe
4. Holiday – David Barrett
5. Honey Sugar Baby Mine – Annie Capps
6. Memorial Day – Jan Krist
7. Yellow Lace – Matt Watroba
8. Contact – Michael Hough
9. Wish I Was – Jim Bizer
10. When My Time Comes – Annie Capps
11. They Used To Play Baseball Here – Matt Watroba
12. Must Be Halloween – Kitty Donohoe
13. Planting Trees – David Tamulevich
14. A Pirate’s Life for Me – Jan Krist
15. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town – David Barrett
16. Safe Travels – Michael Hough
17. Simple Faith (new version bonus track) – Mustard’s Retreat

Yellow Room Gang, Vol. 1

“Many compilations fall flat, but not this one. It’s fresh, thoughtful, lively and fun, all in one.”–Sing Out!

1. Come On Girls (Donohoe)
2. Sally Hemmings (Barrett)
3. The Water is Wide (Hough)
4. All I Can Do (Krist)
5. Out of Nowhere (Bizer)
6. Inner Cowboy (Capps)
7. When You Think You’re Alone (Watroba)
8. I Don’t Tell Stories (Tamulevich)
9. Simple Faith (Tamulevich)
10. Foolish Pride (Watroba)
11. Press that Button (Bizer)
12. Saying Good-bye (Capps)
13. Sylke (Hough)
14. Give in to the Blues (Donohoe)
15. You Got Me, I Got You (Krist)
16. Gamble’s Song (Barrett)